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Coming Up: A Day at the Range, 2011

Last year Tom Redfern began a new traditon for Chapter 78 by organizing a "Day at the Range" at his private club, The Burbank Rifle and Revolver Club. This year, Chapter 78 will be having another "Day at the Range" coming up in May. We've marked the date on our calendar and so should you. [...]

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Special Forces National Convention 2010

[headline h="3"] SPECIAL FORCES NATIONAL CONVENTION 2010 FAYETTEVILLE , NORTH CAROLINA [/headline] Tom Redfern, Terry Cagnolatti, Jim Weldon, Jim Duffy, Len Fein and Lonny Holmes made the trip across America to attend the Annual Special Forces Convention, held at the Holiday Inn. Our members enjoyed the great SF hospitality, renewed friendships with old team mates [...]

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