Special Forces National Convention 2010

Special Forces National Convention 2010

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Tom Redfern, Terry Cagnolatti, Jim Weldon, Jim Duffy, Len Fein and Lonny Holmes made the trip across America to attend the Annual Special Forces Convention, held at the Holiday Inn. Our members enjoyed the great SF hospitality, renewed friendships with old team mates and the endless supply of food and drink. Special events included a tour of the Advanced Medical Training Lab, Mike Force Picnic, a VIP Tour of Camp MacKall including lessons with the laser activated M-9 pistol and M4 Carbine. A highlight was the Special Forces Picnic and demonstration jump by the US Army’s Golden Knights.

Chapter President Lonny Holmes attended the SFA National Board/Presidents meeing which focused on the future of SFA. Other members also attend and enjoyed the Golf Torunament and the Shooting/Rifle Marksmanship Match. A side tour which was very nice was the Airborne and Special Operations Museum. Lonny Holmes also made a side tour to McClean Va,, to meet with an ‘old SF buddy’ before he again deployed to Afghanistan.

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