Chapter 78 Shooters Cup

Chapter 78 Shooters Cup

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SFA 78 Cup

On October 8th, 2011, SFA Chapter 78 will be hosting the First Annual Shooters Cup. This event will raise money and awareness for The Green Beret Foundation, which assists health and welfare programs that aid Special Forces warriors. This 5 event team action pistol shoot will test each team’s accuracy, speed, physical stamina, and target selection.

Military Teams, Military Veteran Organizations and Law Enforcement teams are welcome. Initial invitations will be extended to the South West Region Special Forces Association Chapters, 19th SFG(A), USASOC, MARSOC, NAVSOC, LAPD, LA County Sheriffs Dept, and other local law enforcement agencies.

The Cup will be awarded to the winning team by Medal of Honor awardee COL. Roger Donlon United States Army Special Forces (RET). Col. Donlon was the first soldier to be awarded the MoH of the Vietnam War and the first Special Forces soldier ever to recieve the medal.

For more information on the event, the green beret foundation, and how you can donate or help, please visit our site dedicated to this event:
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  1. Mary Richmond05-08-11

    You go guys! Wish you great success for your first event. Imagine that you have all worked very hard. Is there an address to send donations please? Cannot read the small print on the chapter’s web site. Just a suggestion for us old folks. Best Wishes Mary

  2. SDPD SWAT10-09-11

    Thank you SF Chapter 78 for a fun and challenging day at the range!
    San Diego SWAT will definately be back for next years Shooters Cup!
    Was an honor to shoot and be around all the other teams!

  3. Mits10-12-11

    What were the results? Who won the prizes and what ticket won the glock raffle drawing?

  4. IMTT12-24-11

    Our team (Ca. Dept. of Corrections Hostage Rescue Team) listed as IMTT on the roster had an excellent time and was challenged. This is was an excellent training event for our guys and was exceptionally well run and organized. Thank you chapter 78 for one of the best competitions we have attended. We highly recommend this event to any SWAT team, Military unit or Law Enforcement group.

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